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It will depend on how much overweight you might be, or whether you are male or female, or if you are 20 years old, or 60. If you are say, 20 pounds overweight at age 30, you will follow a completely different plan than someone that is 20 pounds overweight at age 60. As you get older, the metabolism seems to slow down, making it more difficult to lose weight. Therefore, you would have to follow a completely different diet and exercise plan than a younger person.
The same reason applies with gender, because a man that is 20 pounds overweight will follow a completely different diet and exercise plan to get a set of Six Pack Abs, than a woman that is 20 pounds too heavy. A man would work with heavier weights than a woman, and his diet would be such that he needs to consume less calories for his size in a week than a woman that is the same amount overweight.One of the most common misconceptions I hear is that you must have a gym membership in order to have a great physique. While this is true to a certain degree, the opposite is also true. What matters the most is your intensity level and your overall commitment to your program. (Related article: Should you hire a personal trainer?)

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In fact, most people started Science Based Six Pack Review training at home. Home Body Building is very private and personal and can often help you gain more confidence. The bonus is time and money saving. The money you spend on a 12 month gym membership will easily pay for the equipment you need to get great results at home.Below is a list of things you will need: Dumbbells for working out at home. A solid exercise bench, preferably with a squat rack 50 pounds of free weights, either plastic coated are ideal but if they are free then cast iron will be OK

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