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Unlike other markets though, this exchange has no physical location. There is no central exchange. It is operated through a global network of banks, corporations, individuals, etc. all trading with each other. Because it trades all across the world and in all time zones it is truly a 24 hour market.
Volume in the market has increased dramatically over recent years, now the equivalent of over 1.9 trillion dollars changes hands daily. This massive size means the market can not be manipulated as easily as stocks as it would take tens of billions of dollars to do so, and the large scale means "inside information" is almost, if not completely, non existent.
The foreign exchange market can seem huge and intimidating. As you can see though, it's pretty straightforward, and besides, it's not going anywhere. It will continue to provide the stability and liquidity it was established for, as well as providing speculation and investment opportunities to anyone who wants to get involved, from the banks and multinational corporations all the way to individual investors at home on their computers.
Ever wondered why, despite so much volume of transactions and high liquidity that have since become the lot of the forex market, so many traders, as high as 90% still loose their hard earned capital. Chances are that you are one of these traders, despite tremendous potential financial reward accruable from trading the currency market. If by a stroke of chance, you happen to be one of these traders, who toil day in, day out squinting endlessly at candlestick patterns, bar charts, applying hundreds of washed out technical indicators, which are nothing but quicksand, where traders' life and blood perpetually sink, despair no more, your solution may be here after all.

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Jeni Robert

New and intermediate traders, Secret Profit Matrix Review often wonder why the keep on losing money, while some "elected" few keep raking in money all at the expense of those "unfortunate" many that are too busy losing continuously. What these losing traders usually and unfortunately don't know is that, to profit consistently from the foreign exchange market, they need iron-clad experience in the art and science of forex trading. Experience is what would differentiate them from novice traders and help them surf the often murky waters of currency market.

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