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This is a simplified explanation of hypnosis and what it can do and there are many forms of hypnosis such as 'stage' hypnosis, self-hypnosis and therapist guided hypnosis just to name a few. Some people may be familiar where a skilled performer hypnotizes a whole audience or part thereof to do stunts or to display behavior they usually would not do in public.
This however, is not what most hypnosis is all about; it is entertaining and amusing but hardly therapeutic or useful in sustained behavior change for individuals. So, hypnosis involves a state of guided relaxation, either via a therapist or by your self, using tapes and other media or therapy sessions.
While in a hypnotic state, positive suggestions and reprogramming of thoughts and behaviors can be made to bring about changes to improve personal behaviors and habits into the future. It does not involve 'mind control', magic or charlatan methods; it is a well established therapeutic method with many potential benefits, similar to meditation in some ways.
The works of Milton Erickson are fascinating and can often be very beneficial in understanding how to change negative habits or behaviors to positive habits and behaviors, to promote a better future to the person who would like to change some aspects of his or her life.

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