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LDL particles are smaller than HDL. They stick to the arterial walls, becoming oxidized and hardened. This causes inflammation of the arteries, which further narrows them. Eventually, a hardened clump can break away, forming a clot that can cause a heart attack or a stroke. If that does not occur, the accumulation can eventually reach a point where blood flow is completely blocked. That causes a heart attack, too.
Doctors began to look at the connection between fish oil and cholesterol, because of observational studies. The Western diet has now spread to most areas of the world, but at one time it was possible to observe the traditional diets of isolated natives.
The traditional Eskimo diet was very high in fat, but the incidence of heart disease was very low and very few people were overweight. Those observations were made years ago, but it made researchers curious about the difference between good dietary fats and bad ones.

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Today, we know that saturated Adrena Health Review and trans-fatty acids are bad for our health. They play no role in the body and are unnecessary in the diet. Omega6s and omega3s, however, are essential to the diet. They perform a variety of roles in the human body. They also balance each other out. So, researchers began to look at fish oil and cholesterol, because the Eskimo diet was rich in fatty fish like salmon and because the omega3 to omega6 ratio is unlike that found in any other type of fat. In most oils and fats, there are far more omega6s than omega3s. In corn oil, for example, there are 40 times more omega6s than omega3s. The ratio is 40:1. Canola oil has the best ratio of 1:1.

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