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Additionally exercise will also allow you to stretch and manipulate the ligaments of the penis. Within a fairly short space of time you can extend these ligaments to a larger size than before and hence you will increase the size of your penis.How Long do hand exercises take to work?This will depend very much on you. I'm sure there are millions of guys around the world who have tried penis enlargement exercises and failed. Whereas there are just as many guys who increase penis size by using a few basic exercises. This will require commitment, patience and the ability to follow instructions. Some men have been lucky enough to make their penis bigger by up to 2 inches within a month. However, a more realistic goal would be to expect half an inch to inch increase in penis size within your first few weeksSo no doubt if you're visiting this article you're probably a little bit curious about what exactly penis enlargement exercises are, how they work, and how you can use them to start increasing the size of your penis. Before we jump into the exercises, I'm going to give you a little background to help you understand how a methodlike this actually works.Knowing Your PenisThe penis itself is made up of 3 chambers, 1 small along the bottom of the penile shaft and 2 larger ones along the top. When you get an erection, your size is determined by how much blood can be held by these chambers. Once full, you have reached your maximum erect size. For this reason, increasing the size of these chambers is the only way to permanently increase penis size.

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The Jelq The Jelq is Ancient ED Fix Review used primarily to gain in length. It is an exercise that, just like any other, you'll need to warm up for. To get ready, wrap a warm, wet towel around your penis and work to obtain just a 70% or so erection, this is the optimal state for using natural penis enlargement exercises.When ready, lubricate the penis and make an 'okay sign' ring with your thumb and index finger. Use this rung to grip the base of your penis closest to the body. Now, squeeze gently and move your hand all the way to the tip of your penis, you should be able to feel the blood moving through but this should be painless. Once your first hand reaches the tip begin another repetition with your free hand.

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