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The Profit Kings

Let's say a particular trainer wins 40% of the time when he brings a horse right back to the races after only 7 days rest. You see that one of his horses is entered today and is going to post at an amazing 10-1. You may think you've struck it rich and can't wait to get your bet down.
The problem is that you don't also know that when his horses do win after a 7 day rest, they almost always win at odds of 2-1 or less. The reason is that when he has a horse that is going to win, or has a good chance of winning, he and the rest of his cronies on the backstretch bet the horse down. When they don't bet his horses those horses that aren't backed by the backstretch crowd just don't seem to win.
The point is, you can't usually make money with just a one factor angle. You have to be like a detective and put the clues together to come up with a scenario. Most bettors, however, will look in the form or some other past performances and see a trainer stat that says a trainer wins 40% with horses returning after 7 days or less and then bet that horse expecting to win 40% of their bets no matter what the odds may be.

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Aaliyah Daniel

The Donn, a grade 1 The Profit Kings Review race with a half million dollar purse, was run on February 6th, 2010. Quality Road was the prohibitive favorite at less than even odds. While other horses in the race had raced in graded stakes races as well, Quality Road, with just 8 races in his career, had faced the toughest competition. For people who try to estimate the class of a horse using speed figures, Quality Road came up short. In fact, 5 other horses in the race had a faster speed figure in their last race, but speed is an arbitrary measure of class.

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