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Unlock Your Hip Flexors

I may have said before, nowadays I am a bit of a wall flower which is surprising when I spent the first 35 years of my life being a focal point. I was a confident, headstrong and up for anything kind of person. I loved to sing on stage, I loved to have people be aware of me and know when I was around. I would happily do night club door work, I sold cars and everything in my life was centred on being the larger than life guy until I actually was larger than life. Now, it's a much different story. I don't mean I skulk around unnoticed but I certainly don't shout or draw attention to myself. I keep out of the public eye as much as possible and I put a good deal of this down to self-image issues that stem from my weight.
I have had mental health issues for year's, not particularly bad ones but mood swings were the main thing. Uncontrolled anger for no reason and feeling low unless I was busy. Just the usual everyday stuff that affects us all but I had no way of dealing with it. I am told this kind of behaviour is pretty standard fare in overweight people and it is not unusual to be put on Prozac and invariably things improve. We still have dark days but on the whole, things are better. However, there are side affects that come from the Prozac and although never talked about clinically, many individuals have told how once they started to take the drug their weight started to go up in an ever increasing out of control rapid gain. Now I am sure this isn't always the case with everyone that takes it, but it certainly was the case for me. I wasn't obese until I had been on Prozac for a few years. I don't think it robs you of ambition, certainly not, it gives you the strength to carry on each day for sure but I am certain that it took away the little bit of a stop button that I may of had when it came to my weight. I am positive the drug stopped me worrying about being overweight until the overweight got out of hand and even then, I didn't actually worry about it. I was aware there was a clinical problem and my doctor has helped me address it. Today I'm not that worried about it because Prozac helps me deal with my weight by being happy enough to stay in and reduce my social activities to an absolute minimum reducing the chances of ever having the issue raised. It is a terrible way to live, behaving like a hermit but I am certain becoming insular is without doubt a by product of weight gain.

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Jeni Robert

Reduce your consumption of salt: Decrease in salt Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review intake can help you lose weight considerably. Reducing the intake of Sodium, the main ingredient of salt will enable the body to rid itself of some the fluids retained by it. Salt has to be consumed but in small quantities. You can make a conscious effort to reduce the salt consumption by ensuring that the salt added to dishes when they are cooked is reduced. This will also be good for your other family members who may not feel the need to lose weight. As is well known, reducing salt consumption will also help in keeping your blood pressure under control.



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