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DIY: Vaš kondicioner prozora ne može biti ubijen!

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ics-air-conditioning-manly-west-air-conditioning-heating-installation ...You’ve pulled the old window air conditioner unit out of basement storage and put in it in your window, only to realize - just as the first really sizzling days of summer hit - that the unit’s mainly simply blowing hot air.
Properly, you’ve had the thing for numerous years, and maybe it’s seen better days. Time to go air-conditioner shopping, proper? Well … maybe.

Start with the fundamentals. And as standard, the basics mean cleaning.
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Ac Delco Air Compressor,Car Ac Air Compressor, Ac Delco Air Compressor ...Here at PDIY, we go on and on about how a clear appliance is a contented equipment. However dirt is the particular enemy of window air conditioners, and if you’re something like us, chances are you'll not absolutely appreciate simply how filthy these things can develop into.
You are able to do a lot. However there are limits.
As is so usually the case, we’ve discovered there are three fundamental ranges to window air conditioner maintenance:
The basic stuff that every air conditioner owner needs to do;
Extra superior and aggressive steps you can take if your fingers are feeling nimble and also you need to essentially take charge of this appliance;
Stuff we wouldn’t even know methods to try. That is when it’s usually time to carry in the professionals.

The primary stuff: Filters

The first place you’ll discover big amounts of collected mud and dirt Klime Podgorica is within the unit’s filter. On most models, you simply pop open the front grille and it’s proper there; it’s presupposed to be simply accessible. Pull it out and rinse it.
We know this may sound apparent. But it’s such a straightforward activity, we hadn’t bothered to do it the last three summers.

In the entrance of the unit, you’ll discover the evaporator coil; within the back, the condenser coil. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll find this stuff appear like they’ve been through a warfare.
These delicate vanes of mild-gauge aluminum can solely do their jobs if they’re clear and separated. A vacuum cleaner will do a dandy job on the dust and dirt.
To straighten and separate the vanes, you want what’s called a fin comb: an inexpensive little instrument that pushes the bent vanes again into place.

More formidable: The insides

If the unit is clear and appears to be in good restore and nonetheless isn’t cooling correctly, it could also be time to cross that boundary between easy cleaning and extra formidable maintenance by eradicating the outer housing.

Even this isn’t at all times simple, particularly on an old unit: We stripped at least one screw attempting to do it.

Once the air conditioner’s opened up, you’ll see plenty of dirt and dust, particularly around the fan and fan motor. Vacuuming this out can’t hurt. Whereas you’re in there, take the opportunity to wash out the drain ports.

If you occur to have a multimeter (otherwise referred to as a volt-ohm meter) helpful - and we don’t - you should use this to test your air conditioner’s thermostat and fan motor. If these items aren’t drawing power properly, that may be your problem. The difficulty is, at this level you’re beginning to drift into what we'd name in-over-our-heads territory.

With some window units, especially newer ones, it’s nearly inconceivable to even take away the housing. When you do, you’re taking a look at a whole bunch of electrical and digital components that really want an expert to diagnose and restore properly.
The difficulty is, with window air conditioners promoting for as little as a couple hundred bucks, it won’t take an excessive amount of of a repairman’s time for you to be paying extra to try to repair an outdated unit than it might cost to get yourself a brand new one. So on the one hand, it’s definitely worth a try to repair it yourself if you may. Alternatively, when it comes time to name a repairman, it’s essential to find one you'll be able to belief after which discuss with him whether repairing the unit is definitely worth the attempt.

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