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Being Sexy

I have been observing closely and it always amazes me to find out that being sexy is not how dressed up you are. It has just fascinated me again so I decided I share this with my best people in the world - in my world.

porn sexyThe best question should be, what makes someone attractive to you?

You know sex is a natural thing and its instinct comes naturally. What turns you on? What is that thing that if you see in a person (from a distance even), you like and you would not mind having sex with that person. Or rather put it, what is the thing that seeing in someone instantly turns you on, you just like the person. Sex in this context is not just the act, but the idea of consummating your love. It turns out that if you like someone so much, you will readily want to consummate you love with the person. That is the connotation here - that likeness that is good and beautiful and you like that you like.

In a way being sexy is self defined, but it can also be defined by society. Society has a strong hold because somehow we follow the dictates of society. We are primed to respond the way that is acceptable.

Many people have different definitions and you will someday have your definition of porn sexy if you don't already. But define it from within you. Ask yourself the question like I asked myself. I observed someone who is always cool and dressed up, but therein I could not find the appeal. I was not invited. I wanted to be because all I see is always wonderful. The person makes a lot of effort to look good. In fact, the person loves looking good. So where is the sexy in that person to me?

Being sexy could be a personal thing that I do not like this person at all, and the looks does not matter. But then, I could remember seeing this person sometime without all the efforts, the dress-ups, the person was really cool I had to compliment. Yeah, the person was inviting then. So imagine my wonder now of what really is sexy?

I realized that sexy is natural and pure like sex could be:

You don't need to be all dressed-up all the time.

You need to always find what suits you and use them to be sexy.

You need to find and have a grace of doing things that is beautiful. Everyone does things, but it is always very attractive to do things with grace. Royally even - this could give a hint.

You need to define your life in a certain way that suits you. Yeah, more to being sexy is what is defined. You have to be defined, and what you are has to be beautiful and appealing. Sexy is something about you that people cannot completely define but love about you.

Sexy could be crazy. Sexy is instinctive most times. Its defined, natural, it comes out on its own. You do something and it just wins people - sexy. Sometimes the thing you do is out of place - Crazy. It's more of the confidence.

Yeah, sexy is confidence. It is telling you it is beyond the clothes and wears, but about this me that is wonderful. Over-confidence is really a turn off though. So sexy is something there in-between.

Sexy could be charisma. Yeah, people with good charisma are most likely to be sexy. However, it turns out sexy when it's not just charisma and work, and demands, but someone that loves life and does some adventure. Sexy could seem so carefree sometimes. It's not all about work dear.

Yes... Adventure, yes!!! We all love adventure somehow. We love what has some pleasing twist, turns, and puts us at the center of it. Someone that seems to be adventurous seems sexy. The word here is 'seem' because the person may not always be adventurous. You cannot manage adventure and a responsible life all the time. So sexy is explaining itself. Its something about you that is wonderful and very attractive.

Yeah... that reminds me, sexy is success too. Now you can understand why sexy could not only be adventure. You need to accomplish something somehow, know how to do something. Its not just the look. And the truth is that the things you can do and have done, gives you more confidence to talk and carry yourself in a way that is appealing to onlookers.

Adorning also adds to sexy. Wear that great dress. Use that wonderful fragrance and smell in an inviting way, not pungent. But most importantly, carry yourself well. It should be a great package that seems innocent - like you are not aware of what you have done or are carefree about, whereas you have done so much.

In conclusion, I would say that being sexy is a lifestyle. Sexy is a lifestyle that is self-defined and self inspired. Yes, you will get heads up and hints and inspirations here and there, but it takes you to be sexy. Something about you. Find yourself and you will be sexy. And most importantly, you will love yourself. Sexy is a lifestyle that introduces a style. You're being sexy is about you - right. The way it works is that: you will just want to be comfortable, or crazy and do something someday, and that thing you do will somehow become a great style that many will come to appreciate and love. It's sexy to be you, and a you living a beautiful life of style and grace.

About the Author

My name is Margaret and I am studying Law and Social Studies at Campiglia Dei Berici / Italy.

If you have any inquiries concerning the place and how to use porn sexy, you can get in touch with us at the web page.

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