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Kako kupiti klima uređaj

Klima je sada uobičajena na radnim mjestima i prodajnim mestima, ali kako obično želiš da imaš vazdušnu conklime grejanje hladjenje konferencije u svojoj kući?

U zimskim zonama, možda je teško razmišljati o potrebi za klimatizacijom. Međutim, na vrhu ljetne sezone, vrela, zamagljena kuća može biti vrlo neugodna. Hlađenje u vlastitom domu trebalo bi da vam omogući bolji večernji san kada je vanjska temperatura prekomjerna.

Ako biste više voleli da ohladite svoj privatni dom, međutim ne želite nešto snažno kao klimu, cijena je s obzirom na dobar ventilator ili hladnjak vazduha. Međutim, ako ste kupili srčano srce postavljeno u vazduh, a zatim saznajte - naše informacije će vam pomoći da odaberete savršeni klima uređaj za vaš dom.

Koji tip klima uređaja treba li da kupim?

Navedene su dve dominantne varijante klima uređaja: modeli sa jednom jedinicom koji su prenosivi i treba ih otvoriti pomoću prozora ili vrata, a modeli rezanja koji bi mogli biti potpuno pričvršćeni za zid.

Klimatizatori sa jednom jedinicom

Klimatizatori sa posebnim jedinicama

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Koji merni klima uređaj mi treba?

Klima uređaji su dostupni u različitim oblicima i veličinama, ali se često opisuju kada je reč o njihovom BTU (British thermal unit) izlazu. U principu, gornji BTU tvrdi, to efikasnije će verovatno ohladiti prostoriju.

In our lab tests we found that few air conditioners met the BTU claimed on the packaging, so we wouldn’t suggest you depend on those claims to make your buy.

If a machine has a better cooling capability, it ought to cool rapidly. But, as a normal rule, 5,000 to 8,000 BTUs is sufficient for most dwelling rooms or bedrooms.

There is a calculation you should utilize to work out what BTU is right for you. As a rough information, multiply the dimensions (in ft) of the room to be cooled by 5. So for a 20 x 15 x 12-foot room: 20 x 15 x 12 x 5 = an air conditioner of 18,000 BTUs.

What further features ought to I look out for?

Sleep or night time modes reduce noise by working the compressor and fan extra slowly.

Timer options help you set the machine to mechanically swap on and off - useful if you need to return dwelling to a cool house or save vitality by having the unit switch off once klime podgoricai} podgoricai [www.plaminzenjering.com] you’ve fallen asleep. Decide a mannequin with a clock and 24-hour setting. Some include solely countdown or delay timers; these need to be reset daily.

Remote controls let you regulate settings without moving out of your seat, however are straightforward to lose. Look for a machine with a dock to retailer the distant if you are prone to gremlins hiding your things.

Wsick I be able to take care of it?

These vital duties will keep your air conditioner in good condition:

Does Which? check air conditioners?

We now not test air conditioners. Our relatively mild UK climate means demand is pretty low, so it's not worthwhile for us to pay the excessive costs associated with testing these appliances.

For your reference, we've listed older Best Purchase air conditioners from our previous tests, which completed in 2011, under. Most of these products are now not out there, however we offer the knowledge to offer you an idea of the manufacturers and features that have traditionally been value trying out for.

Only logged-by which? members can view the full results in our desk beneath. If you're not but a member, you may strive Which? for £1 and get instant access.

Table notes: These air conditioners had been examined in 2008 and may not be out there. Every model was rated on cooling capacity, power efficiency, dehumidification, noise and controls. We no longer take a look at air conditioners.

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